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Kennith Cole “Black” T-Shirt

Calvin Klein “Euphoria” Display

Marc Jacobs “Lovely” and Davidoff “Cool Water” GWP’s

Smashbox Cosmetic Bag

Calvin Klein Clutch

Chloe’ “Love Story” Necklace

AVEDA Glass Box Project

Calvin Klein “Eternity Now” Container

Chloe Special Event Hat Box

Michael Kors Special Event Knockdown

Bottega Veneta Special Event Program (Gray Color)

Marc Jacobs Fragrances Ladies Tote Bag

Chloe Signature Pouch

Tom Ford “Lips and Boys” Container

Tom Ford “Winter Soleil”

Marc Jacobs “Daisy” Poster

Estee Lauder Holiday Box


Calvin Klein “ETERNITY – AQUA” Acrylic Display

Acrylic Cube Displays

Calvin Klein “BEAUTY” (Artificial Flower Display)

Stationary Prints

TOM FORD Special Event Box

Albeit Lipstick Folding Carton

Bottega Veneta- Special Event Program

Estee Lauder “Pure Color Envy” PR Kit

Madonna “Truth or Dare” Shopping Bag

The On Counter Gift Bag

Tom Ford “Black Orchid” Video PR Kit

Oscar De La Renta Holiday

Ferrari Video Invitation

Marc Jacobs Hinged Black Satin Box

Marc Jacobs “Daisy” Cosmetic Bag

SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) Covet Bag

Marc Jacobs “Decadence” Display

CK JOJ Container

Marc Jacobs “Honey” Box

Calvin Klein Corporate Knockdown

Liquor Flasks

Marc Jacobs “Fragrances“ Shopping Bag

Calvin Klein CK2 Video Display

Calvin Klein “ETERNITY for men” Atomizers

Marc Jacobs “Black and White” Box

New York Yankees Men’s Travel Bag

Bags, GWPs, and Accessories

7″ Video Display

TOM FORD Video Compilation

SJP T-Shirt

Marc Jacobs Decadence TIAB

Marc Jacobs “Lola” Display (Macy’s Flower Show)

Chloe TIAB

Marc Jacobs “Daisy” Acrylic Display Box

Liquor Glasses

Kenneth Cole Limited Edition Container

Bottega Veneta Marketing Kit

Bottega Vennetta Special Event Container

2.4″ TOM FORD “Video Invitation”

Calvin Klein Encounter Special Event Container

Ermenegildo Zegna Special Event Container

Calvin Klein “one” Inflatable Display

Calvin Klein Acrylic Display Box

Clear PVC containers

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria TIAB

Assorted Compacts

Calvin Klein Down Town Launch Container

Chloe Black Pouch

Special Event Containers

Marc Jacobs MOD NOIR “Runway” PR Kit

Michael Kors Knockdown Special Event Container

Oscar de la Renta “mini” Shopping Bag

Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria Launch Container

TOM FORD collapsable box

Tom Ford VOC box

Flowers Galore!

Drawstring Container Bag

Estee Lauder Holiday Hatbox

Tom Ford Acrylic Clutch

Balenciaga Paris Special Event Container

Bags in Natural Fibers and Materials

David Yurman Roller Ball Gift Set

Liquor Packaging

Tom Ford “The Eyes of Tom Ford” Draw Box

Calvin KIein “euphoria” Mothers Day Container 2016

CK Knock-Down Corporate Window Container

RSVP Kenneth Cole Special Edition

New York Yankees Special Events Container

Davidoff “Cool Water” T-Shirt

Calvin Klein “Eternity for Men” Display

Balenciaga Paris Special Event Containers

See by Chloe – Launch Container

Marc Jacobs “Decadence” Shopping Bag

Cool Water by Davidoff

Fashion Jewelry, Pins, Key-Holders, and Bracelets

Silk Scarf for Sarah Jessica Parker

Calvin Klein Reveal Launch Container

Our Leather Collection

Calvin Klein Holiday Container

Tom Ford “Boys and Girls” 5inch Video Brochure

Gwen Stefani’s “HARAJUKU LOVERS” Inflatable Display

TOM FORD “Daphne” Video Project

Cool Water by Davidoff Limited Edition Gift Set

Tom Ford “Orchid Soleil” PR Kit

Marc Jacobs Knockdown Box

Shopping Bags

Balenciaga Paris Shopping Bag

Calvin Klein Holiday Container

CK “Eternity” Fabric Banner Display

New York Yankee Boxes

custom boxes

NEW! VES Display Screens Exclusively at WWA

Chloe “Love” Shopping Bag

Chloe “gift” Bag

JLo (Jennifer Lopez) Flip Flops

Fashion Jewelry (Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani)

Balenciaga Florabotanica Special Event Container

custom packaging

Marc Jacobs Daisy Tote

Chloe “Dark Pink” Display

David Blaine custom card box

AVEDA Custom Glass Project

See by Chloe – Shopping Bag

Calvin Klein Eternity Poster

Beach Towels…It’s Summer Fun!