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Custom Prints

Worldwide Axcess is a Long Island, New York manufacturer of high quality custom prints. Since the year 1989, our company has remained as a leader in custom print solutions across the globe. That’s just one of the reasons we have offices in New York, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. Our multiple offices also allow us to oversee our quality control firsthand, so you’ll receive only the best that our Long Island, New York custom packaging company has to offer.

One of the main reasons why Worldwide Axcess is a popular choice among Long Island customers is because we handle the entire custom print process, from the initial design to safely packaging the final product to be shipped. Plus, because we are a prominent company in the industry, Worldwide Axcess always keeps track of current trends to bring to our valued customers.

Our Long Island custom packaging boxes are created entirely to your specifications, instead of a commonly used template. No matter what your idea is, we’ll be able to bring it to life with ease. Customer satisfaction is our most significant goal, so our custom printing will be exactly to your specifications. By choosing Worldwide Axcess, you’ll receive a truly unique printing.

Our company has tailored our products to many renowned brands producing not just prints but packaging as well, such as Marc Jacobs, Madonna, and the New York Yankees. For the “Fragrances” shopping bag we designed for Marc Jacobs, we implemented a 4 color print w
ith a gloss finish, white inner side, as well as rectangular handles. Modern and fun, this bag was sure to turn heads.

For Madonna’s Truth or Dare line of fragrances, we took a different approach of simple elegance. Consisting of a glossy white paper, this shopping bag includes gold twisted cords and a logo decoration to accent the look. Although understated, this look says volumes about the luxuriousness of the product.

Besides shopping bags, packaging and custom printing, we also manufacture other products on Long Island. These can be seen in the work we’ve done for the New York Yankees, mainly the Men’s Travel Bag we created. The black microfiber bag is embroidered with a white and gray logo, paired with a motto. It is a classic look for a multipurpose bag that also has emphasis on functionality, due to its two interior pockets.

Get in touch with Worldwide Axcess today to speak about custom printing for your business. Our services will create an attractive product that you’ll be proud to associate with your brand. Feel free to browse through our gallery to see our past work to discover what services we can bring you. Worldwide Axcess is a leader in Custom Printing Long Island, with a wide variety of packaging designs created and shipped to your business.

Email us at or call our office at (631) 694-4440 for more information or to get started on your next project.